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Decks & Balconies

Balconies, Decks, Breezeways and Railings are other areas of work that we typically repair on multi-family buildings. These areas get worn out over time, or rot away from improper flashings or moisture penetrations.

When we make improvements to decks we are usually able to retain most of the framing and just replace some of the framing members. However, sometimes the balconies have so much rot they are beyond repair and we need to just start over.

The process of repairing the balconies consists of assessing the extent of the deterioration, making the necessary repairs, installing new smooth and sanded plywood, installing the appropriate saddles & flashings and then applying a waterproof deck finish like a polyurethane finish.

After the decks are refinished, we either reinstall the old railing or install a new railing which could be a variety of types from aluminum pickets, glass, or cable.

There are numerous design & material options to choose from depending on the building owners' taste and budget.


Inspection & Assessment

A thorough inspection & assessment of an existing deck or balcony should include

Slope & Drainage - Pooling of water on the deck or balcony surface may indicate poor drainage and can lead to water leaking into lower levels of the deck

Handrails & Balustrades – Must be firmly affixed and able to withstand a pushing and pulling action without movement.  Make sure they are not rotted, corroded or coming loose.  Railing systems that are attached directly to the deck surface require particular attention.

Beams & Columns – Check for any sign of sagging, warping or cracking.  Check also for any evidence of decayed timber especially at the base of the column or connection points at or to the beam.  Timber is most susceptible to rotting where two pieces of timber join. Make sure brackets and bolts are not loose or rusting.

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Seattle multi-unit deck and balcony contractor

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