Wood Solutions is a Pacific Northwest based exterior remediation contractor focused on multifamily & commercial buildings

Wood Solutions is helmed by David Molina and Jeff Hughes, who each have over 15 years of experience in the building remediation area of construction.

They understand the technical side of removing the old building envelope and properly installing the new building envelope so the building owners will not have the same problems again. This type of work is intricate and requires special attention to make sure all of the details are being followed in the plans, specifications and manufacturers' requirements.

On top of the detailed work that we perform, the majority of our work is performed on occupied buildings, which adds another layer of difficulty. We cannot simply remove windows and disturb peoples' residences or offices. Careful planning and scheduling are required to let the affected people know what to expect and when to expect it.

One of the major reasons that we are successful at this type of work is that we self-perform most of the construction with Wood Solutions employees rather than subcontracting the work to other companies. This is one of the benefits of hiring Wood Solutions that sets us apart from other contractors.

Another benefit of working with Wood Solutions is that the two Principals, Jeff and David are directly involved in every project. This does not mean that either Jeff or David will swing by the project once per week to check on things. David manages the field side and Jeff manages the business and administrative part of every project that Wood Solutions performs.

Wood Solutions areas of exterior repair expertise includes Siding Replacement, Water Resistive Barriers, Waterproofing, Decks & Balconies, Stairs & Landings, and Windows & Doors on apartments, condominiums, hotels and other multi-family & commercial buildings.

Based in the PNW, Wood Solutions service area includes the Pacific Northwest, Boise & Salt Lake City.



David Molina is in charge of all construction field operations for Wood Solutions



Jeff Hughes manages the business and administrative side of Wood Solutions